Purple Glitch (S​.​O​.​S. Band - Tell me if You Still Care)

by MelodicEngross

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Caring and Compassion is part of humanology.


Purple Glitch ( S.O.S. Band - Tell Me if u still care)


Walking near the shade
just wanna feel the sunshine and its breeze
can’t let nothing get that down on me
cause eye learned all my lessons
like a good school boy
never chain to a false reality
eye study what eye discovered
my chain is unlocked
my chains is unlocked

Dreamland come and build me up
Crown me Purple Glitch and it lights so much
Crown me Purple Glitch and it lights so much
illuminates info
Dreamland come and build me up
Crown me Purple Glitch in the system of love

-Pretty money lee-
cause eye aint thinking bout nothing
in the moment of creation
I’m just trusting the process now ,
steer clear don’t eat no cow
slow and steady veganism chow down
fuck ur opinion, give me what u feel on the nature 2 heal
on the rhymes that eye came to bring
fear and doubt won’t get the best of me
hey I’m me, its me that u want; its me that u need
with the spirit of love, bee free/bee free
Let the chakras open and align and balance
flowing naturally; earthly summer breeze

Dreamland come and build me up
Crown ah Purple Glitch and it lights so much
Crown ah Purple Glitch and it lights so much
illuminates info
Dreamland come and build me up
Crown me Purple Glitch in the system of love

(Come on Come on)
what has come over me
and u and u and u
all u wanna do is point and fight
why u bringing that war this way,
peace is amazing, clouds past
eye just want u 2 say Hey Sun
what u create today?
here mommy take some light
here daddy take some light
purple glitch glitch glitch
purple glitch glitch glitch
every nigga is a star
every nigga is a star

Live by the Sun
Love by the Moon
Live by the Sun
Love By the Moon

-pretty money lee-
Eye got my yoga mat ready
got my sandals for the grass patch
got my bathing suit for the diamond pool
with my shades I’m so, damn cool
I’m black and cuban too
so back up skunk full of lump
while eye bring n the new funk

cerrano cerrano cerrano
cerrano cerrano cerrano
he’s getting closer
look at him aint he high
he’s listening
look at me aint eye beaming

when eye smile eye be sheenning
glitter my eyes with this trust inside
warm my heart filled with liquid stone
incense warms my home
and eye take it everywhere

got no love for this shifty shit chatter
so many egos and they bound to shatter
greet my presence with a lovely smile
we all suffering in this polluted time_____

what do we do, [embrace harder]
what do we say, [love stronger]
how do we do it, [write ur secrets]
lead the way, [hey hey] lead the way babe [hey hey]
follow no shortcuts
inner develop the self love that has not been taught
solve the misery that are at odds as we stand tall
create abundance with the feet of valor

as we speed ahead in this given race
of matter
may our affection of spirit and love
transform the conformities of war and hate
may our soul be filled with intelligence
and may we be eternally grateful
may our purpose lead with a message of
truth and daringness and giving power to the will
of collecting hearts that are filled with might

medals awarded for acts of valor: bravery, courage, pluck, nerve, daring, fearlessness, audacity, boldness, dauntlessness, stout-heartedness, heroism, backbone, spirit; informal guts, true grit, spunk; moxie.
strength, force, power, vigor, energy, brawn, powerfulness, forcefulness.


released August 23, 2016
London Edwards
S.O.S. Band



all rights reserved


MelodicEngross Los Angeles, California

Music makes life sound a little less overbearing.
Get Hip to my music. Eye Dare 2 Be Different: Incorporating Fusion Funk Falsetto Soul.
Thank u 4 your support. Peace Love Light and Soul and 4ever Funky Fresh.
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