Create Love Absolution (Completeness) Feat. Minnie Riperton

by MelodicEngross

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Our Social condition of programming needs compassion of love.
Peace Love and Joy


Create Loves Absolution

Can Eye Flow With U
Just 2 Flow With U
Can Eye Flow With U

your light shines from pluto
my galactic spaceship is ready
infinite flowing freedom of love
the Sun N Neptune leads
forgiveness and empathy

Create Loves Absolution
completeness, happiness
feel the rapture of oneness
kindness, compassion
3 hearts blooming as one

[Minnie Verse)

unity of love
do u dig my vibration
love love love
love love love
so tired of the mass confusion
oh this democracy it aint love vibrational frequency

create that happiness
all inside of me
explore more of me
and eye find eye am the plan
the dream, stay n motion
eye may b losing my mind
but I’m creating my own path

love is absolution
love is appreciation
its our creation
put it back n our nation
we on the winning team

if u love me please let me know
if u got the love
please let it show
so many people lose their way
help them get it back in tune
the universe of love
praise the Goddess n u
praise the God n U
so much mystery n this misery
just believe n u

get out my mind u don’t know whats n my heart
u sold urself short
come correct, cuz eye know me
don’t tell me what eye already know
while u waisting ur breath
I’m planting seeds of love

what happen 2 i love u
what happen 2 i forgive u
what happen 2 let me heal u
what happen 2 let me clothe u
what happen 2 let me warm u with a meal
what happen 2 if u need me call me
what happen 2 lets be friends till the end
what happen 2 us sticking together
what happen 2 us loving and accepting who we R

can we meet n the middle
can we meet n the middle of the water
i’ll give u a the hug
i’ll give u the shoulder
i’ll give u the staff of guidance
i’ll be ur friend
just love and just love

the way it begins
the way it never ends
just love
its always there
when everything is gone

we don’t lift each other up enough

we don’t support each other enough

We don’t love each other enough

we guit and shame ourselves
with karma & heartache


released May 23, 2017
Melodic Engross
Minnie Riperton



all rights reserved


MelodicEngross Los Angeles, California

Music makes life sound a little less overbearing.
Get Hip to my music. Eye Dare 2 Be Different: Incorporating Fusion Funk Falsetto Soul.
Thank u 4 your support. Peace Love Light and Soul and 4ever Funky Fresh.
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