Controlled Human Society 8

by MelodicEngross

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Controlled Human Society 8
Eagle Rock Tower

when the beat drop
all i wanna c is u
on the dance floor now

let me c u bounce bounce
let me c u bounce 2 the right side
let me c u bounce 2 the left side
let me c u bounce
to the shit i be making
2 the shit eye be doing

get up out my face with t hat bs
yesterday was just plain awful
u can say that again
oh tomorrow tomorrow its a brighter day
get off me haters
get off me haters
u aint know u my biggest motivators
my congratulators
u can bet on me
u can bet on me

let me spin and fly when i light up

let me c u bounce bounce bounce 2 the right side
let me c u bounce bounce bounce 2 the left side

they so mad i aint gotta work that hard
I’m just young gifted and black
eye hold the power
2 make u believe n urself
never doubt never worry
ur waisting ur imagination son

aww what did u do with the honey
victory is mine goddammit
when i write my name on the box
when i break the cat out the box

this is life
get u some

free the people from deception and oppression
the hypnosis of fear is so deep
we must go within 2 be free

take me away
take me away
clear far from here
where the air is clean
where people support each others dreams
dreams really what is there 2 fulfill from what our ancestors didn’t finish

Let it flow through u
let it flow through u
scared the people won’t like my shit
yet fearless 2 contrive all this
oh relentless
oh relentless


Melodic Engross



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MelodicEngross Los Angeles, California

Music makes life sound a little less overbearing.
Get Hip to my music. Eye Dare 2 Be Different: Incorporating Fusion Funk Falsetto Soul.
Thank u 4 your support. Peace Love Light and Soul and 4ever Funky Fresh.
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