1. Controlled Human Society 8

  2. Course Construct (Dislocated 90s)

  3. New Age Love Song 2014

  4. Celestial Carbon Magic
    Chiron' Nunu

  5. Runaway Slave 642017
    Chiron' Nunu

  6. Infinite Love Protons
    Chiron 'Nunu

  7. The Earth of Love & Infinity Hereafter

  8. Moon Conditions

  9. Culmination 090

  10. Create Love Absolution (Completeness) Feat. Minnie Riperton

  11. Karmic Controlled Reactions (Chiron) Feat. Billie Holiday

  12. My R&B Love Song {Long Vapors}

  13. The Shame Game [PP]

  14. Pimp My Track (Lighthouse Tower)

  15. Hey Nunu Play that 1 Song (Natural High By: Bloodstone)

  16. Cancer Capricorn Pluto Venus Trine

  17. Purple Glitch (S.O.S. Band - Tell me if You Still Care)

  18. 14 Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill/Course Construct- Infinite Dance Fever (Momentum Styles)

  19. DJ Trance Vibez Unfolded Mixtape

  20. Pretty Somebody

  21. Something got me feeling loved (Rain Drops)

  22. DJ Interrupted Sequence EDM

  23. You're Missed Remix

  24. CannabinoidYoga6ense ( Nas I Can Tribute With If I Ruled the world Lauryn Hill Mix)

  25. Which Way Is Up (Lap Mistakes)

  26. Cookie Cutter Sweet

  27. Fairly we all gotta eat (World Hunger Balance)

  28. Bravo

  29. Panther Hello DJ Trance (Dru Hill - #Tell Me) Sequence

  30. Shining (Love Summary)

  31. Sacred First Love

  32. Comfort Zone

  33. As If We Never Met (Chanté Moore Cover)

  34. Can I Kick It? Yes You Can (Soundtape)

  35. Lunar Phases

  36. Colors Of U
    JDilla W MelodicEngross

  37. Keep It 100

  38. Phone Bill Due: 11:11

  39. Sessions Of MelodicEngross

  40. Infliction Tactic

  41. Towards The Ocean Current

  42. Poor Little Rich Kid

  43. Flower (Aaron Comess) WMelodicEngross

  44. Wildest Dreams [Enterlude]

  45. Save

  46. I Cover The WaterFront Billie Holiday: MelodicEngross Remix

  47. Towering Fear into Love and Freedom

  48. Pause (Windchimes)

  49. Say U Will

  50. WhinyHoQuotesForLove (Dj Frequency)

  51. In A dream, Love (Lonely Nights)

  52. SDS (Somebody Do Something)

  53. Psycho Analyst Lovers (Retrograde Confusion)

  54. Breaking into Yen

  55. We're At A Storm


MelodicEngross Los Angeles, California

Music makes life sound a little less overbearing.
Get Hip to my music. Eye Dare 2 Be Different: Incorporating Fusion Funk Falsetto Soul.
Thank u 4 your support. Peace Love Light and Soul and 4ever Funky Fresh.
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