Towering Fear into Love and Freedom

by MelodicEngross

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MelodicEngross tackles his music in a traditional lyrical style on intergalactic industrial soundscapes and soundwaves; for the heart and mind.
They resemble R&B, HipHop, Trance, Soul, Pop, Blackmetal, Rock&Roll, Afropop, DJ vibrations.
Engross has a style and sound all his own.
Melodic persist on noting his inspirations of the legends that came before him: "I listen to everyone, they all have influenced my sound. My Main Goal For This Whole Record Is to embark a love vibrational frequency of perspective and individual love.


released July 27, 2015

London Edwards



all rights reserved


MelodicEngross Los Angeles, California

Music makes life sound a little less overbearing.
Get Hip to my music. Eye Dare 2 Be Different: Incorporating Fusion Funk Falsetto Soul.
Thank u 4 your support. Peace Love Light and Soul and 4ever Funky Fresh.
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Track Name: We're At A Storm
We're At a Storm
(Lyrics: Written and Produced By:
MelodicEngross/LouisB.M.Jr. ) ©

Opening sequence/Hook:
Cause all I do
Is think about ya, baby
(Think about you)
I dream of nights
When u engrossed me
Hold me tight
And say u dream of, me to


Could it be my fancy
I dream of us
In a wonderland
Far away,
From all these bombs
(They may blow us up)
They could
Drown us ouuut
With our flooding waters
(Dauntingly hurt warning) sequence
Hey Hey Hey stop
Hey Stop
We're At a Storm
Wait ah minute
Oh minute

Cause all I do
Is think about ya, baby
I dream of nights
When u engrossed me
Hold me tight
And say u dream of, me too__

Say you do
Say you do
Say you do yea
Say you dream of me to

Cause all I do
Is think about ya, baby
I dream of nights
When u engrossed me
Hold me tight
And say u dream of, me too__


Come together and dream with us
We take our lives for granted and we say
That's our sacrifice, we take
To consider another option
Would be worthless
Cause we
like the way
We fathom up our
to seem more glamorous
When we hate ourselves
In complacency, of deceit
Meat we would eat
Has a mystery, just like ya subconscious
And all the murder, drugs, sex, lies
We batter
To cover up what's inside
Of the hurt, shame, and guilt,
Of an apology
I sow to give
In all my love
And protection
For u

We gotta make it, to
A place, where we could love again
So dream with me

Repeat Hook

I remember you, love
The way you used to be
Don't hurt me no more
Don't hurt us no more
Press love to your heart
Press love to your heart

Rock out till the call ends ...

Written and Produced By:
MelodicEngross/ LouisB.M.Jr.
Track Name: Course Construct (Dislocated 90s)
Course lyrics

Baby sleeping is all I can do
Work is tiring me
I can't get no sleep
I can't get no work done
You're all I need

Nevertheless did I think
I'll die of a broken heart
So soon
No speaking
No hugging
Transforming my conscious state
Don't think I don't love me
Cause I love me for the both of us
Deep and true
I'll never attempt to hurt you
Your my kingdom come true
Real and strong
Stubborn and so mean, to me
I love you still
You're so still
But focused, and I like it
You resist me though
Your So damn cold
What you want me to say
Do me this way
I can't be the ones you had before
My heart is clean
My love is pure
Saved tight enough for you to handle
My trust
My heart
Is no revolving door
The one you prey on

I'll lose everything for you
My love is all yours
He's all I have
From a break
In my seconds there is you
In my minutes there is you
In my heart there is you

No other flame
You light my fire
Don't let it run to someone new
For you are the wait
That broke the bridge to love
Can we build it back together again
Don't lose me now

Let's keep the stories
On the faith it took to build
For I love you
But I'll die
A lonely heart
I've been patiently waiting
For the sun to set some love on my shoulders
I admit it's true
Unfair in the past
But I knew it wasn't gon last

But with you
It's something deeper
Than I can explain
I want to grow with you
Baby can't you see
It's all a journey
And I ain't scared to ride it with you
The course
The course
How can it be
how can it be wrong
How can it be wrong
To feel love so free
To feel a love so free
Oh I can't get you out of my mind
And I think about you all the time
Oh I can't get you out of my mind
Day and night

Oh I
Dream of a life
So free,
where we love for hearts
And judge so free
We have to give
We have to ... be kind
For you, Be free,
Track Name: Breaking into Yen
all the worse
up up and away
up and away

sunshine is burning,
all the way down
i want the rain,
to fall,
freely again
i want my pain,
tremble away,
subside away
hardwork, ahead of me
all i have, is time
that is
to love me right
aint hurting nobody, if i do

i used to dream big
now i aim, just a little lower
i wanna be one
i just wanna feel
what my people are feeling
(i got Empathy)
i hear it out
pain, hurt, despair
i cry a tear out
it hurts when pain
oh why
does it have to be so common

the topic of the day
(Phone Call)
oh hey
i can relate
i feel you
i want you
to be free
(stop the lying
stop the lying)
lets be freeee
oh Eye wanna be free

Bridge Declaration
say you want life
say you want love
say you want peace yea
(Dont run away from the truth, yea)
you hurt me
time and time again
you hurt me
time and time again
no more self hating
i love you where you at

breaking into yen
breaking into yen

i sit in my room and dream
i sit in my room and dream it
and dream it

breaking into yin
I wanna be free
say you want life
say you want love
say you want peace
breaking into yin

Love yourself
Love Someone
Love Everyone
is Dying
we sit and watch each other
kill themselves, a slow death
celebrating fear conformity
of the masses
hating loves absolution for life classes