Sessions Of MelodicEngross

by MelodicEngross

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Dear Listener of " Sessions Of MelodicEngross"
My intent for this album is to bring dysfunctional sounds of affects/effects of life and time; a streaming of meaning.
Eye wanted it to sound as if u were in the room while Eye was recording and producing it. Like an intimate room gathering.
It also sounds very industrial and spacey. Terms eye coined for the sound of the art; are: Industrial Soundscapes, Fusion Falsetto Soul, Frantic Black Metal Soul.

This collide of processing has taught me many things about sound and how they come together, like a band playing on the moon and humans and aliens enjoying our magnetic frequencies of the outer dimensions of wonders and dreams.

When u press play and u listen and feel through the conclusion of the whole record, My only wish is to hopefully snag your heart strings and u get me as an artist in this day and age of 2015.

This is my third album... and all of the frequencies eye adhere through my time on this earth has shaped this album to what it is.

With Sessions; a 25 track album: my plea is to raise the vibration of my people and all who listens...
eye hope u fall in love, cry, laugh, dance, stretch, workout, have a dialogue, cook to it, pass it on to your friends and family.

The album takes place in my soul of despair and creative ascendancy, much of the album is an improvised party.

The moon's light is quickening as the moon has dropped back until she is about 1/8th of the way behind the sun. We see her lumination as a crescent shape. The first glimpses of our visions are seen. It is time to contemplate what is past and consider future possibilities. Momentum to reach our goals begins to build.


released November 10, 2015

Words and Music
By: MelodicEngross Louis B.M.Jr.
London Edwards

*BillieHoliday - I Cover the Waterfront
*PhyllisHyman - Walk Away (The Walk Through (eerie dearie)
*Beginnings 90sRed mix /Jarvis -Radio /Jermaine Dupri
*Ode To the hungry I love U always Peace /Gil Scott Heron- Better days Ahead
*Erykah Badu -Gone baby don't be long/ Didn't Cha Know (Personal Moon Phase) (Icover the Waterfront)
*Aaliyah -I Can Be (I cover the waterfront)
*Terrence Trent D'Arby -Roly Poly (The Walk Through (eerie dearie)
Danger Beats ( Dailynn McAdoo) - Towards the Ocean Current



all rights reserved


MelodicEngross Los Angeles, California

Music makes life sound a little less overbearing.
Get Hip to my music. Eye Dare 2 Be Different: Incorporating Fusion Funk Falsetto Soul.
Thank u 4 your support. Peace Love Light and Soul and 4ever Funky Fresh.
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Track Name: Infliction Tactic
nfliction Tactic lyrics
Words and music
By MelodicEngross

I see so many hurt feelings
Monkey see monkey do
WhoS who mistreating who
For the void I feel/in my insides

Di di

She's running from feeling too
He's avoiding his feelings true
She's avoiding her feelings too
He's running from a feeling true
Oh why
Oh why

Try to mask
Try to hide
These emotions
Tremble inside
These wounds only get shelved
For the dust to fall
Storm has come
Now I'm here

Now that the gloves are on
Because, you've hurt someone else
And their not going to take it
Does it needs a patient heart
To sit u down
to tell you/or to say
Hey, I love U
And if u could, if u would
Let's talk about it...
Reliving a painful memory
Can be and will be bruising all over again
But; the resolvement of that virtue
Becomes real and unveiled
Because, knowing is achieving
And with achievement/becomes change
And we must evolve
Too see the will in our life
Too see the will into our living

We shall
Start making some changes
Within our emotional barriers
So, let's go

-Bring it all together-
She's running from feeling too
He's avoiding his feelings true
She's avoiding her feelings too
He's running from a feeling true

(Don't wanna hide
teach me to be in tune
I wanna love u true
I don't wanna hide
Teach me to be in tune)

Avoiding a feeling
Running from a feeling

I wanna love u right
Oh don't wanna run and hide
Teach me to be in tune
In tune
I wanna love u right
I don't wanna run and hide

She's avoiding
He's avoiding
She's running
He's running -

I don't want to run and hide
Track Name: I Cover the Waterfront (Billie Holiday Remix)
intimate friends
oh ah

“Away from the city that hurts and knocks,
I’m standing alone by
the desolate docks

In the still and the chill of the night
I see the horizon the great unknown

my my my
My heart has an ache
It’s as heavy as stone

ooh With the dawn coming on,
oh make it last
how so sad
u sitting there
with those, tears in ur eyes
oh baby

(i can be i can be i can be)

I cover the waterfront
I cover the waterfront
I cover the waterfront

I’m watching the sea
Will the one I love
Be coming back to me
I cover the waterfront
In search of my love

An I’m covered 2x
By a starlit sky above

Here am I
Patiently waiting
Hoping and longing
Oh how I yearn
Where are you
Have you thought back time
Will you remember
Will you return
with the same old lies
Will the one I love
Be coming back
To me”

i cover the waterfront
i cover the waterfront


didn cha know
didn cha know
that i love u
that i love u
I love You

i can be
anything i wanna be
all that we strive to be
anything we wanna be
believe in yoself
believe in yoself
Track Name: Wildest Dreams (Enterlude)
Consider me
in ur
Wildest Dreams (enterlude)
consider me
in ur
Wildest Dreams (Enterlude)

oh how I would love to be the one
the one you have in your dreams
you know ill always be here
when your ready to

so consider me
if you will

consider me
in your dreams baby
consider me
in your dreams baby
(consider consider consider)
consider me
in your dreams baby



Words & Music
Track Name: Save
~he speaks indirectly~

u pull me back and forth

take my love
and save it
take my love
and save it
for your love


it hurts to much to stay
so i leave
to be true
u aint it
no no no no huh

i love u
but u hate me

i cry
i cry
i cry
i cry
i cry

let me out
free me

i cry


Track Name: Towards The Ocean Current
Towards The Ocean Current Lyrics

i got u baby
dont u worry
i got u baby
come ride wit me
ill take you higher
on the wings of love

dreaming of days like this yeah
where we sit and talk
about our visions, we want
dreams we can muster
if we sit and plan
and take our time
we can do all we want to
with love on our side

i got u

i know
I know
I’m making my way
I’m making my way
I know
I know
I’m Making My Way
I’M Making MY Way

vocalize break

i got U
i got u baby
through the test of time
dude i got u
relax and sit down
and dream with me
and dance with me
kill the bs

nobody but u and i
i got u baby
dont u worry
i got u baby
come ride wit me

(I got u baby, now)


I'ts DangerBeatz
on call
Track Name: The Shame Game (PP)
The shame game - (pp)

Is u ready
Is u ready baby
For the
Shell top boogie
Shell top boogie

The shell top boogie
Reporting live
Room 194

Don't u know it's hard on ah nigga
When he tryna make seven figures
Dump it all the way in
My love
Don't treat me weary thin
I've been here

Baby, Watch ya step
Remain on the left
Eye breeze on the right

Looking at me like I'm wrong
When u can’t point your wrongs
Don't blame it all on me
We gotta talk it out
Work it out __
Braided or faded
Don't get away
Being so shady__
Mystery lady
Mysterious Electrical Frequencies

So open my pages
With more to talk about
Lay me some head room
To keep contacting u
Eye see us no longer carrying on
With your blaming
And your shaming
Eye don't want to hate u
Cause I'm love
On a Sunday morning

With birds chirping in a song
Eye gotta a love so strong
It would feed a desert full
Of lonely people
Eye got this

Float with me
Dinosaur Roar

Eye love me
Eye don't wanna hate you
But ur not here
In my future plans
No demands
But treat me better
I'm transcending on a higher plane

Erupting frequencies
Busy Bus Station

Fade Away

Words and music
Louis B.M. Jr.
Track Name: The Walk Through (Eerie Dearie)
Bonus Track
The Walk Through (eerie Dearie)*Video Version
*Phyllis Hyman - Walk Away


sha lalalala
sha lalallala

say u do
say u do
Ahh ahh
honey come get my love
baby …
eye have u

in my dream
come and see (Eh)
come and talk to me

(Hey i got u )

eye got u
through this walk through
dont let ur ego
get the best of u

be all u can be they say
but do it
your own way

(Rolly Polly)
yes sir
dont be rude to your lover
dont be rude to your lover
he love u
she love u
eye love u


get some love
shum ma hun
shum ma hun

(We starving
We starving

i see u
but i dont talk to u
i see u but i dont talk to u

Words and Music
By: MelodicEngross Louis B.M.Jr.